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4 Practical Tips to Looking After Your Dentures

By: | Tags: | February 28th, 2017

If you have dentures or a plate then you will know that they aren’t cheap. No one really likes going to the dentist, and we tend to put it off until there’s no other choice. Looking after your dentures doesn’t have to be difficult and will stop you from visiting the dentist more than you need to. Aesthetic Dentures have put together 4 effective tips to look after your dentures.

Dentures that are looked after properly make for a happy and healthy mouth!

1. Keep Your Dentures Clean

There is a common misconception among many people that once you get dentures it means you no longer have to brush your teeth. This is not the case! Dentures are still teeth and you need to brush them, twice daily just like natural teeth.

False teeth are still susceptible to plaque and bacteria build up. Leaving this bacteria on your teeth can cause problems to your dentures or plate and natural teeth (if you have any left). Leftover food debris that is not removed can cause all sorts of problems for your gums, tongue and cheeks. Rinsing your dentures throughout the day will help to remove any particles on your dentures.

2. Handle Your Dentures with Care

After you have your dentures for a while it can become easy to forget that they are breakable. It’s important that you always handle your dentures with care and look after them as if they were your natural teeth. Whenever you take your dentures out have a folded towel or bowl of water ready in case you accidently drop your dentures. This will stop your plate from breaking if it accidently drops on the floor or on a hard surface.

Dropping your dentures or plate can also damage any clasps and change the fit of your teeth. When brushing it is also important to hold your dentures carefully to stop any damage to clasps through a tight grip.

3. Look After Your Mouth

Following on from our first point, oral health is still extremely important regardless of whether you have teeth or not. Now that you are wearing a full set of dentures or a partial denture it is even more important to ensure your gums and mouth are kept healthy. Make sure to take your dentures out at night to give your gums a good break. Your gums are the number thing that keeps your plate in place and if you start to experience any sores on your gums you won’t be able to wear your dentures.

Once you have removed your dentures ready for bed give your gums a quick massage with a warm washcloth or soft toothbrush. This will get the blood flowing around your gums and help keep them healthy. Your dentist will also be able to advise of ways to help keep your mouth healthy while wearing dentures.

4. Make Sure You See Your Dentist

False teeth doesn’t mean the end of your dental appointments. A dental checkup every 6 months is required to ensure your mouth and dentures are in good working order. Over time bone loss can become a problem once your natural teeth have been removed, making your plate feel loose. Your dentist will keep an eye on this to make sure your dentures are always fitting correctly.

They will also be able to check that oral health is being maintained and your mouth is free from any sore spots or ulcers. If your dentures do ever start to become loose or hurt you then make sure you see your dentist straight away. Any problems can be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible.

Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body. Maintaining your dentures will ensure that you can talk, eat and smile as normal.

At Aesthetic Dentures, we are always available to help you with any denture-related problems you may have. Our experienced team are also on hand to give you any advice you need on looking after your dentures. To make an appointment contact us here.