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Are Your Dentures Hurting Your Gums?

By: | Tags: | January 15th, 2017

Complete and partial dentures are extremely common these days. Many plates are so good that you can’t even tell who is wearing them. For many people, false teeth give them the confidence they need to smile, talk properly and eat without any problems. One of the biggest complaints you may hear is that false teeth hurt gums.

For some wearers this is true but what we commonly get asked is whether dentures can cause any major or permanent damage to gums? The short answer is no. Wearing dentures will not cause any major problems to your gums. However in saying that you need to make sure that you properly look after your mouth and false teeth just as if they were your own natural teeth.

Here are some tips straight from our denture specialists on what you can do to prevent your gum from hurting when using dentures.

Gum Shrinkage

Over time you may experience gum shrinkage. This is a major contributing factor to why many people find their dentures hurt their gums. When natural teeth are removed you are left with boney ridges. These ridges are what is used to hold your natural teeth in place, over time this bone will recede making dentures feel loose giving them more room to rub on gums.

Ill Fitting Dentures

It is important to regularly visit your dentist even if you have a complete set of false teeth. While this may seem like a waste of time for some, understand that it is extremely important that your dentist gets to check your dentures and your overall mouth health.

If your plate is not adjusted when needed you will find your plate doesn’t fit snuggly as it did when you were originally fitted. A loose fitting plate will give your dentures more room to rub on your gums creating sore spots and ulcers.

Partial Dentures Clasps and Hooks

If you have a partial denture you may find the clasps and hooks that go around your existing teeth irritate your gums. If left untreated your gums may become inflamed and start to recede. It is important that you book an appointment with your dentist as soon as any irritation occurs.

Your dentist will be able to adjust your plate as needed and may be able to recommend changes to your oral hygiene regime that you can make to ensure food and bacteria don’t hurt your gums.

Lower Dentures Coming Loose

Lower dentures are notorious for causing gum problems. Your lower jaw is very mobile and used a lot more when you talk or eat making your plate easier to move around. Gum shrinkage here will also cause your denture to move around. Over time your facial muscles will adjust to help hold your denture in place, easing the likeliness of any rubbing and ulcers. Your dentist will also be able to give you guidance on living with a lower denture.

Looking After Your Dentures

Maintaining proper oral health is key to keeping your gums healthy and dentures fitting correctly. Make sure you brush your dentures twice a day just like natural teeth and use a warm clean washcloth to gently rub your gums. This will stimulate circulation to ensure your gums stay healthy. When you are not wearing your dentures make sure you place them in a glass of water then will stop your dentures from drying out and warping. Your dentist will be able to give a proper regime to follow along with any tips to help with sore gums and ulcers.

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