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Implant Dentures/Dental Implants

Our dental technicians and denture specialists are highly experienced in dental implants & implant dentures for missing or replacing teeth.

If you’re missing or replacing just a few teeth, you’ll know implant dentures could be the best choice for you. Designed to provide a natural, long-term solution for missing teeth, they’re securely locked in place. They provide greater comfort and increase your ability to eat a wider range of foods.

But, as they require surgery, the decision to go with a denture implant is a big one. There are many critical steps on the path to a successful, comfortable implant denture. Specialist implant training is a necessity for your trusted team of surgeons and technicians. They’ll carefully assess your particular needs and discuss choices before your surgery. Afterwards, they’ll actively monitor for comfort, fit and function.

Aesthetic Denture Clinics offer peace of mind implant dentures. We care about every patient outcome. Our experienced dental implant team has been selected for its ability to provide you with trustworthy, reliable, safe implants every time. We’re exacting by nature so we’ll only use products that are 100% manufactured right here in Australia. You can be assured we know where they’ve come from and that they’ve passed stringent safety standards.

We pride ourselves upon uncompromised quality and it’s our joy to provide the most friendly, reassuring dental implant experience possible.

  • Industry Leading Specialists and Denture Technology
    Our team includes experienced dental implant surgeons and implant denture technicians and every denture and implant is manufactured in our state-of-the-art onsite laboratory.
  • Affordable & 100% Australian Manufactured
    Aesthetic Dentures offer the highest quality, Australian made implant materials to ensure the most secure, comfortable and natural fit. Our implant solutions are highly affordable for our level of quality.
  • A Clinic that Cares
    Consult with a professional, friendly denture specialist who genuinely understands and appreciates your needs.