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Elias Sara » Dental Prosthetist & Dental Technician

Elias Sara is our charismatic head dental prosthetist and dental technician. A true artisan his field, he has a unique understanding of symmetry, aesthetics, phonetics. Every denture he makes is meticulously crafted with one goal – to fit your mouth with such precision you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it, and no one else will either.

He understands that for every patient, there was a time when a denture was not part of their life. To offer a denture solution that gives them confidence and a quality of life just as it once was, is his passion.

Particular by nature, he puts great effort into his work behind the scenes. Measurements are checked twice and then checked again. Contours, tooth shapes and colours are matched with such detail they blend with your natural features with seamless perfection.

Difficult cases are his forte as he delves into his knowledge base and lets his knack for problem solving go to work.

His story

No newbie to the denture profession, Elias has 15 years’ experience in dental technology and dental prosthetics. His considerable technical expertise and extensive laboratory experience were born in 2004 when he established a specialised ceramic laboratory in Sydney’s Martin Place. He quickly established a loyal following as his mark of excellence was firmly stamped on the many complex restorative cases he managed.

With a thirst for knowledge and the desire to be on top of his game, Elias sought training in full, partial and implant denture construction as well as the manufacture of custom made mouthguards. He regularly travels to Germany where he attends the International Dental Show and undertook a private master technician course in ceramics and implants. He holds both clinical and laboratory certification in the Swiss Denture Concept.

He’s fully qualified with an Advanced Diploma in Dental Technology (2001) and Advanced Diploma in Dental Prosthetics (2006). He has also attained certification in the construction and insertion of Implant Retained Dentures and has completed an Ivoclar BPS course in Cosmetic Dentures.

His future. And yours.

As a dental prosthetist, Elias is passionate about offering you a direct link to the manufacturer of your denture. By dealing directly with the person who fits and manufactures your denture, you can be guaranteed full control over every aspect of its design.

In our technology-rich world, leaps and bounds are being made in dentistry. Ongoing professional development plays an active role in Elias’ business, so he can stay true to his promise of industry leading quality and excellence.