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Aged Care Services

Nursing Home Visits
DVA Dentures
Repairs & Relines
Denture Identification

Nursing Home Visits

Do you experience difficulty travelling to denture appointments? Perhaps you care for someone whose mobility prevents them getting the care they deserve?

We understand these are real issues for the elderly so we’ve  introduced our special home care service. Our professional and reliable team travel to aged care facilities and nursing homes across NSW and provide service to patients with mobility difficulties. In some circumstances, our dental prosthetist will even visit you in your home.

Whether you need a denture fitting, replacement or maintenance – our home care service is the perfect option. You’ll receive the same personalised service quality attention as you would if you visited our clinic. It’s our pleasure to bring high-quality denture care to you, so you can spend time doing the things that matter to you.

Aesthetic Denture Clinic is also a trusted service provider to residents of aged care facilities across NSW. We are fully equipped to manage these contracts with full professionalism and maximum efficiency. Here’s just a sample of the facilities and nursing homes we look after:

  • Carrington Centennial Care, Grasmere
  • Durham Green, Menangle
  • Camden House, Camden South
  • Hillside, Figtree
  • Harbsion Care, Burradoo

If you are a resident, relative or manager of an aged care facility, we would love to discuss the services we can offer you.

Department Veteran Affairs

Department of Veterans’ (DVA) Dentures

We are registered with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to provide subsidised dental services to our veteran community. This means that if you are a DVA Gold Card holder, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will cover all of your denture costs. Full dentures, partial dentures, relines and repairs are all covered.

Backed by our extensive knowledge and experience, Aesthetic Denture Clinic delivers the personalised and compassionate denture treatment you’ve been looking for. We are 100% Australian owned and we make all of our dentures in our onsite laboratory. Nothing is outsourced. We’re careful only to use the highest grade materials available so we can guarantee you the best result possible – natural look, perfectly fitting dentures.

We know that travelling to appointments can be difficult at times, which is why in some instances we can come to you. If you are unable to attend one of our clinics, our home visit service allows us to attend to your needs in the comfort of your home.

Gold Card entitlements

  • One new complete or partial denture every six years
  • A replacement denture if yours becomes lost or damaged beyond repair
  • A denture reline every 2 years (or earlier if required by your dental prosthetist)
Dr Elias Sara Dental Presthetist


Natural changes in your mouth and gums can sometimes mean your denture is uncomfortable, feels loose or causes difficulty when eating. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then a reline is the answer.

Or, if your denture is cracked, damaged or requires additional teeth or clasps, a custom repair will make your denture feel like new again.

And don’t panic if you find yourself experiencing a denture emergency. Our professional repair and reline service is on standby 24 hours a day to solve your problem quickly. We can assure that most emergency repairs can be completed the same day.

Denture Identification

Having a denture fitted and adjusted so it’s finally perfect can take time. Once you’re happy with it you won’t want to live without it.

Unfortunately, dentures can and do become misplaced or even lost. This can happen during a hospital visit or if you’re living in a nursing home. There is nothing worse than the fear you experience when you realise you’ve lost your denture. Not to mention the embarrassment and inconvenience it may cause.

Fortunately, there is an answer. Using advanced technology, our highly skilled dental prosthetist can engrave your name on the insight of your denture where it will not interfere with how it feels or looks. It can be your name, your initials or any combination. It’s a simple yet essential insurance that will never leave you without your teeth.

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