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Emergency Denture Repairs
2Aug, 2017

What You Need to Know About Emergency Denture Repairs

Just like natural teeth, dentures need to be well taken care of, especially if they chip or break. No matter how your dentures become damaged, it’s important to have your dentures repaired efficiently and effectively. Here’s what you need to know about emergency denture repairs. How do dentures break? Dentures can break or chip for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s a result of an accident, while at other times it might be a result of age. 1. They were dropped One of the most common reasons for denture breakage […]

Boil and Bite Mouthguard
22Jun, 2017

Why Boil and Bite Mouthguards are a Bad Idea

Mouthguards are becoming more and more popular thanks to contact sports. While this is one of the main reasons why someone would purchase a mouthguard, there are many different reasons why you would need one. For many mouthguard users, they don’t always do their research to find out what would be the best mouthguard for their needs. This is where boil and bite mouthguards come in. A cheap option that many people use when they need a mouthguard. So, are boil and bite mouthguards a bad idea? In this article, […]

Cleaning Your Dentures
5May, 2017

3 Effective Tips to Cleaning Your Dentures

If you own a set of dentures or a plate it is important that you know how to properly clean and look after your new set of teeth. Just because you have false teeth does not mean you give up on your teeth cleaning responsibilities. To prevent any health problems make sure you follow the instructions provided by your dentist. To get you started our expert team have put together 3 effective tips to cleaning your dentures. Let them soak Soaking your dentures is an important part of the cleaning […]

Denture Adhesives
10Apr, 2017

Do I Need Denture Adhesive?

When you first receive your full denture or partial denture you are subjected to a whole lot of new information that can be a bit overwhelming. If you are new to dentures you may have heard about denture adhesives. If you have ever wondered what denture adhesives are and if you need them, Aesthetic Dentures have put together all the information you need! What are denture adhesives? Denture adhesives are either a creams, powders, strips or pastes generally bought from the chemist or supermarket that are applied to the underside […]

Cosmetic Dentures Senior Couple
28Feb, 2017

4 Practical Tips to Looking After Your Dentures

If you have dentures or a plate then you will know that they aren’t cheap. No one really likes going to the dentist, and we tend to put it off until there’s no other choice. Looking after your dentures doesn’t have to be difficult and will stop you from visiting the dentist more than you need to. Aesthetic Dentures have put together 4 effective tips to look after your dentures. Dentures that are looked after properly make for a happy and healthy mouth! 1. Keep Your Dentures Clean There is […]

15Jan, 2017

Are Your Dentures Hurting Your Gums?

Complete and partial dentures are extremely common these days. Many plates are so good that you can’t even tell who is wearing them. For many people, false teeth give them the confidence they need to smile, talk properly and eat without any problems. One of the biggest complaints you may hear is that false teeth hurt gums. For some wearers this is true but what we commonly get asked is whether dentures can cause any major or permanent damage to gums? The short answer is no. Wearing dentures will not […]

Old People Sleeping
8Jan, 2017

Crucial Reasons Why Not to Sleep in Dentures

Dentures are a great alternative if you are missing some or all of your natural teeth. Not only do they make it easier to talk and eat but they help give you a great smile. Just because you now have a set of false teeth doesn’t mean that you can abandon your daily oral hygiene regime and not look after your new set of pearly whites. Part of your new regime includes taking your dentures out but does that mean you can sleep in dentures? This seems to be a […]

Aesthetic Dentures - sports-mouthguards
11Nov, 2016

Why Your Child Needs a Mouthguard

Australian’s love to play sport, generally we start playing some type of sport when we are quite young. Many of these sports have strict rules in places when it comes to safety. Without the use of safety equipment such as helmets, shin pads or the proper footwear children may not be able to play. One of the main pieces of safety equipment that is often overlooked is the mouthguard. Wearing a mouthguard can help solve a plethora of problems. However, many parents do not see the need for their child […]

Aesthetic Dentures Care
11Oct, 2016

Metal Dentures vs Plastic Dentures

If you have been told that you need dentures or a partial denture, it can be quite overwhelming. There are so many options available these days that it can be hard to know what is right for you. Should you go with a metal or plastic denture? What is the difference and which one is right for you? It’s important to remember that dentures serve a purpose. They aren’t just for appearances, they help keep teeth in line and protect remaining teeth from any damage not forgetting to make it […]

Happy Couple - We Care
16Mar, 2016

We’ve opened a new clinic in Goulburn to service southern NSW

Have you struggled to find dentures that look and feel great in the Goulburn local area? Your struggles are over. Our new Goulburn clinic is now open, bringing first-class denture services within convenient reach of patients in the Southern Highlands and Canberra region. Aesthetic Denture Clinic has a long-standing reputation for quality denture design and manufacture. We employ the highest level of professionalism and artistry to offer incredibly natural looking dentures that are crafted for comfort. By visiting our Goulburn Clinic, you’ll gain direct access to the latest denture techniques […]