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Cosmetic Dentures

We all dream of a ‘perfect smile’, so we understand how important it is for your denture to resemble the way your teeth had looked before extraction. Or better still, one that rejuvenates your smile so it glows naturally.

A cosmetic denture is unique and individual in its construction. It can deliver results that are incredibly natural looking and so realistic that no-one will know you’re wearing it.

Advanced technology and our understanding of the natural morphology of each tooth, means we can construct teeth from scratch, as opposed to a standard pre-fabricated denture. The level of detail we provide to each tooth means that it is unique in shape and colour.

Such detailed construction also makes for a seamless result when constructing a partial denture. We’re able to match and blend your denture teeth with your existing natural teeth so well no one will pick the difference.

Aesthetic Denture Clinic employs skilled, experienced and industry-respected cosmetic denture technicians. Our experience and ongoing education in modern cosmetic dentistry enrich and improve the advice we offer our patients.

We take a team approach, involving the patient, dental prosthetist, dental technician and if necessary, the dentist too. This approach allows the construction process to flow smoothly with a highly customised and meticulous result.

Our Range of Cosmetic Dentures

Swiss Denture Concept

Swiss Denture Concept

The most natural looking denture you’ll ever find.

Metal-Free Dentures

Metal-Free Dentures

Revolutionary non-allergenic dentures.

Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures

The trusted long-term denture solution.

We’ll match your needs exactly

Cosmetic dentures may be individually crafted to mimic the distinct features of your natural teeth. Perhaps you had a gap between your front teeth or teeth that were slightly crossed over? We can now incorporate these unique characteristics into your new dentures to achieve a realistic, lifelike set of dentures, made just for you.

Cosmetic dentures can also address the following:

‘False teeth look’

New patients to our clinic sometimes comment that their dentures in the past have resembled ‘horse teeth’ or ‘picket fences’. Cosmetic dentures are completely individual, unique and customised entirely to your needs. Our

dentures not only look good – they’ll make you feel good too.

Facial symmetry and lip support

Using our state of the art equipment, we take a series of measurements to help us construct a denture that fits your mouth accurately. We can incorporate a precise tooth arrangement to match your lip movements and facial features. We can also tailor the amount of lip support provided.

Matching the patient’s natural tissue

Individual colours are selected to match the tissue in your mouth. We’ll build and form natural looking tissue around your denture teeth which is particularly useful for patients who have a gummy smile.

Some of the options we can incorporate into a cosmetic denture for you include:

  • Gold fillings in denture teeth
  • Diamonds in denture teeth
  • Gaps in between denture teeth
  • Denture teeth crossed over
  • Tissue colour on the denture
  • Colour of teeth

Dr Elias With a Patient

Our personalised approach

At Aesthetic Denture Clinic, we’re committed to providing you with the dentures you’ve always wanted – in look, style and function.

We’ll ask you to bring in a photo of yourself before the extraction of your teeth, plus a list of customised features that you’d like to see incorporated into your new denture.

It’s important for you to discuss these with us in detail, so we can ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

There will be many opportunities to assess the features of your new denture. You’ll be given the opportunity to take your denture home at the try-in stage, allowing you to assess it in the privacy of your own home.

At this stage, your denture teeth are only set in wax. It’s the perfect opportunity to take them home and spend some time looking in the mirror. You’ll be able to see how you speak and smile and assess your new denture in privacy. At your next appointment, you’ll be able to relay any changes you wish to make before we process your denture in acrylic for the finished result.

At Aesthetic Denture Clinic, we allow as much time as you need to feel completely satisfied. This may require few more appointments, but in doing so, you’ll receive a personalised denture that is amazingly lifelike and suits your individual style and needs. Decisions will never be rushed and we always value your input. We want to make the best possible denture, just for you.