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Allergy/Metal Free Dentures

Do you worry that your dentures will taste like metal? Or, perhaps you’re allergic to dental alloys? We know these are very real issues that prevent many people benefiting from dentures.

Advancements in metal-free denture technology mean dentures are now a real option for people with allergies and reactions to metals.

Recognising an increased need for metal-free dentures in Australia, Elias Sara travelled to Germany and undertook specific training in this field. He is one of an extreme few dental prosthetists within Australia to have done this and it means Aesthetic Denture Clinic can now offer you solutions that only a few years ago, were unimaginable.

We’ve handpicked several types of allergy/metal free dental prosthetics to show you. But, with a world of possibilities available, if the perfect solution for you isn’t mentioned here, we can certainly find it for you.


If you’re prone to allergies and need an irritant-free denture that is free from residual monomer – you need Bre.crystal. Perfect for either partial or complete dentures, it’s also resistant to fracture, highly accurate and biocompatible.

Metal And Allergy Free Dentures


Bre.flex is an ingenious, monomer-free denture base material that we use to make flexible and unbreakable, partial denture restorations. It’s a popular choice as the non-metal gum coloured clasps blend beautifully with your natural teeth.

Flexible Metal and Allergy Free Dentures

Bio dentaplast;

Another great technologically advanced option for partial dentures is Bio dentaplast. This material is used to manufacture long-lasting metal-free clasps made to blend seamlessly with your natural tooth colour. We’d love to boast about the revolutionary properties of this material but we’ll keep it to the best facts. It’s highly accurate which means we can use it to make a metal-free denture that fits like a glove and it protects your enamel.

Aesthetic Dentures - metal-and-allergy-free-dentures-3

We understand the need to consider many factors when selecting the right dental prosthetist for you. That’s why we encourage you to visit us for a complimentary consultation. You’ll be able to ask questions so you can make the best decision for you – with confidence.

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