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Swiss Denture Concept

Swiss Denture Concept

You’re looking for the best quality denture available and to wear an undetectable, natural-look denture is your dream. Look no further. Swiss Denture Concept dentures are the highest quality denture on the market.

Developed by Candulor, they’re backed by extensive research. To ensure perfection every time, all Swiss Denture Concept denture practitioners are exclusively trained and accredited by master technicians.

Swiss Denture Concept dentures are so versatile they offer a solution for every denture need. They’re high-end, crafted to match seamlessly with your natural aesthetics and provide exceptional function.

Only the best materials used.

NanoFilled Composite is the state-of-the-art material used in the manufacture of Swiss Denture Concept dentures. The results are amazing. You’ll receive a high-strength denture with the natural appearance of porcelain teeth as well as excellent abrasion resistance. They’ll look better and last longer than any other type of denture.

Swiss Denture Concept Practitioner

Elias Sara is a fully accredited Swiss Denture Concept practitioner. He’s also a ceramist, dental prosthetist and he loves to create beautiful dentures. It’s the perfect skillset. Each denture he creates is meticulously planned.

Micron-perfect moulds are taken and gum colours painstakingly matched to imitate your natural gum tissue. You’ll have the most comfortable, highest quality, true-to-life looking denture you could wish for.

Tips On Selecting The Right Tooth Mould For You

  • Bring in a photo which shows you smiling with your natural teeth.
  • In your consultation with the clinician, a selection of teeth will be available and a series of measurements will be taken to assist in a unique mould. Natural teeth rarely line up in a regular formation. To achieve a natural smile, we individualise each tooth to provide a fitting that suits your personality and smile.

Are you interested in the Swiss Denture Concept? We can help you.

Please contact us on (02) 4655 4438 or email us to speak with one of our dental prosthetists who can tell you more about Swiss Dentures and book a consultation to discuss your options.