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Denture Repairs And Relines

We are the Denture Repair Professionals.

Denture breakage can be caused by age, wear and tear or the result of a poor fit. It could be a simple crack, teeth could break off, or perhaps you need additional teeth or clasps because of a tooth extraction. In each case, you’ll need a custom denture repair.

Our professional repair service is second to none. We pride ourselves in finding quality custom solutions whenever things go wrong. We also know it’s important to minimise time without your denture, so we’re quick to assess your needs and start on repairs straight away. Most emergency repairs can be completed within the same day.

Never attempt to make repairs yourself, especially with super glue. It’s toxic and will cause further damage to your denture.

Additional Denture Repair & Maintenance Denture Services Include:

Denture Relines

Our mouths and gums are in a constant state of change. Gums shrink and resorb for many reasons – such as aging, illness, bone or teeth loss. So it’s natural that over time, your denture may not fit quite as comfortably as it used to. If it starts to feel loose or you have difficulty when eating, a reline is the perfect solution.

We’ll add new base material to the side of your denture at the point where it meets your gums. Impressions help us contour it to match your existing denture, so it feels comfortable and doesn’t rub. Importantly, it will look just the same as it always has. We recommend that you have your denture checked every two years in case a reline is necessary. Changes occur so slowly it’s often hard to notice just how much the fit and feel of your denture has deteriorated over time.

Soft Liners for extra comfort

If your gums feel tender, we can help by fitting a layer of soft material to the surface of your denture. The soft liner acts as a cushion or shock absorber between the hard plastic base of the denture and your gums.

Gum Tissue Liners to nourish

Our temporary liners have special conditioning properties that help improve the health of your gums so they can better support your denture.

Denture Clean & Polish

We use the latest ultrasonic technology to clean, polish and remove excess tartar from your denture. The entire process only takes an hour, and we recommend it once a year.