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Partial Dentures

If you still have most of your natural teeth and are only looking to replace a few that are missing, then a partial denture may be right for you. A partial denture is removable and is supported by your natural teeth and gums.

It’s held in place with special retainers or clasps to keep it secure.

A partial retainer is custom designed for function and normality. Filling the spaces left by missing teeth is sure to make you smile. It will even increase the longevity of your existing teeth by balancing wear and tear.

We all have different needs and deciding which denture is right for you can be confusing and often overwhelming. We understand this. Before you make any decision, our team of denture professionals will sit down and talk with you in depth.

We’ll guide you through the entire process as we carefully listen to your needs, difficulties or concerns.

Together, we’ll find the perfect solution, at the best price and with the most comfort.

Making The Choice That’s Right For You

Aesthetic Dentures 2

Acrylic – With this type of denture, we bond replacement teeth to an acrylic base. Clasps (wire clips) are often used to hold the denture in place.

Aesthetic Dentures 3

Chrome/Metal – Chrome partial dentures are less bulky and far stronger than acrylic dentures. They are also more comfortable. Other metal options are available for people who suffer allergies.

Aesthetic Dentures Flexible Denture

Flexible – This flexible base material removes the need for clasps. You’ll find it extremely comfortable to wear and almost undetectable. This type of dentures is best suited when replacing only one or two teeth.

Aesthetic Dentures Clear Clasp

Clear Clasp Option – Clear or white clasps are the perfect choices if you’d prefer not show metal on your front teeth.

Why Choose Aesthetic Dentures for your Partial Dentures?

  • A Clinic That Cares
    Consult with a professional, friendly denture technician who genuinely understands and appreciates your needs.
  • Affordable And 100% Australian
    Unlike many denture clinics, we manufacture onsite in Australia using only the highest quality materials that have passed strict TGA requirements.
  • Industry Leading Professionals with State of the Art Technology
    Your partial dentures are are carefully crafted by industry leading denture professionals utilising the latest in secure, reliable and comfortable denture technology. We treat every patient with the utmost care and attention to detail.