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Flexible Partial Dentures

The easiest and cheapest way to brighten your mood, as well as that of the people around you, is with a smile. Losing your teeth doesn’t have to mean closed lipped smiles for the rest of your life. Medical advancements made in dentistry mean you have a lot of options to turn up the wattage in your smile. You can use dental implants or regular dentures which are made from different materials like acrylic resin, chrome cobalt metal and so on.

Apart from improving the aesthetic of your smile, dentures play a supporting role in preventing your facial muscles from sagging which is known to happen when you suffer teeth loss. They are also used to help ensure that you are able to eat properly and that is why sturdy materials are utilised in the construction of dentures.

Essentially, your teeth replacement should be strong enough to handle the daily task of chomping down on your food but at the same time, you want them to feel a lot more like your natural teeth when you use them. And for this purpose, flexible partial dentures are highly recommended.

Flexible partial dentures are currently the most popular dentures among the various kinds of partial dentures because people adapt to them faster. One of the main reasons people take to them is because of what they are made of. Instead of acrylic resin or metal commonly used in the manufacturing of regular dentures, flexible partial dentures are made of nylon which is lighter and less rigid than the other materials.

Benefits Of Flexible Partial Dentures

In addition to the fact that they are easy to take to especially for beginners, flexible partial dentures have become one of the best options for teeth replacement in recent times for several reasons. If you are still thinking of what your options are, here are a few reasons to choose flexible partial dentures

  • They are very durable.
  • They are less prone to breaking apart if they are dropped which is a common issue with regular dentures.
  • They are sturdy enough to handle all of your chewing tasks without feeling like you are carrying bricks in your mouth.
  • They are preferred by dentists because they are easier and faster to make.
  • They feel more natural than regular dentures.

Cleaning And Caring For Flexible Partial Dentures

Just like your natural teeth, dentures need to undergo proper routine cleaning on a regular basis. However, their delicate structure means that you need to be extra careful when doing the cleaning and even though flexible partial dentures are much stronger than regular dentures, the same amount of care should be applied when cleaning them. One thing that you should bear in mind about flexible partial dentures is that the flexible base which makes the dentures more adaptive also makes it more prone to the buildup of bacteria. You can say that this is the major disadvantage it has. But with a proper dental hygiene routine and knowledge of how to take care of your dentures, you can solve that problem in a flash.

1. For starters, your natural teeth should be cleaned twice a day. Brush and floss to reduce bacteria activity in your mouth.

2. Use the dentures as directed by your dentist. While it is possible to wear them round the clock, you want to make sure you give your gums a chance to rest.

3. Be careful when eating foods that are hard, very hot or very sticky. Chew slowly when eating and don’t use a toothpick when you are wearing your dentures.

4. When you take out your dentures, soak them in a denture cleanser solution, brush them gently and then rinse thoroughly before you reuse them.

Most importantly, it is important that you reach out to a dental professional who can help you figure out what your best options are and provide you with a more detailed way to take care of your dentures.

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