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Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are made up of replacement teeth placed on a gum coloured, removable base. They are used for patients who are only missing a few teeth and are supported by your existing teeth and gums.

Partial dentures are often unnoticeable and comfortable to wear however they may take a while to get used to.

While it may not seem essential to replace a missing tooth or teeth, it is beneficial and recommended to help preserve the health of your remaining teeth.

There are many different options and styles when it comes to removable partial dentures. Our specialist team will work with you to decide which would be the best suit and fit your needs.

Benefits of a partial denture:

  • Improved confidence – many people are self-conscious when they lose a tooth, especially if it can be seen when they smile. Partial dentures will fill in the gap so no one will know you were even missing a tooth!
  • Ability to pronounce words correctly – When you lose a tooth, you lose the ability to pronounce words properly, especially words that contain an F or V. For some people this can be very embarrassing, a partial will help get your speech back to normal.
  • Look younger – if you have lost a few teeth, you may find that your cheeks and lips look a bit sunken. Your teeth help support your facial muscles, without that support your face looks sunken and overall you will look older than you are. Replacing those missing teeth will make a huge difference to your facial features, plus you will look younger!
  • Teeth Protection – A denture will help protect your remaining teeth by taking the pressure off of them.
  • Prevent Teeth from Moving – Whenever a gap forms teeth may start to move around, trying to “fill in” the gap. You may also start to have trouble with teeth super-erupting. If left for years the tooth/teeth may even grow to touch the opposite gum.

Are you interested in removable partial dentures? We can help you.

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