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The Cost Of Dentures

We offer a complimentary consultation to determine the right dentures cost for all denture fittings, repairs and implants.

As a Prosthetist, making dentures is an art. We carry the responsibility from the clinic to the lab. Using this system ensures that there is no disconnection between any of our patient’s cases. We establish the  intimate design and setup work required for the patient – this therefore plays a significant part in determining the quality of your new dentures.

Patients looking to find the absolute cheapest dentures cost solution tend to find themselves in disappointment and discomfort as a result of their poorly fitted dentures. There would simply be no benefit to base a product you wear for significant periods of time purely based on the price.

In today’s dental market, patients can be confused and misunderstand the differences in denture quality between various denture providers. There are two markets driving the inconsistency of denture costs through the industry. One market of denture providers focus on outsourcing dentures to be made offshore. The other market try to compete and retain manufacturing in Australia where there are higher costs involved, however will result in a much more higher quality product.

Manufacturing dentures in Australia has been revolutionised with many new systems put in place to ensure dentures manufactured locally are of the absolute quality available. We pride ourselves on manufacturing in local Australian Labs, using products and materials that require TGA {Therapeutic Goods Association} approval, and this is great benefit for the end user, the patient.

What To Consider For Your Dentures

  • Where is my denture being made, and who by?
  • What is my denture made of?
  • Does my denture require special design components, reinforcements, attachments?
  • Do I need a metal or metal free solution?
  • Do I need a nylon based product or acrylic?
  • Does my denture require a soft base?
  • We take in all of our patients requests and desires to ensure the most comfortable, natural and affordable fit.

Aesthetic Dentures takes great pride in manufacturing in Australia with complete TGA approved products and checking all the boxes for the ideal denture solution. There are many variations of dentures to suit each individual patient. This is why we offer a free denture consultation to make a clear assessment of what options may be available for you.

As each patient request varies in what they are looking for, so does the options. One patient may be looking for a prosthetic to assist with teeth extraction and provide them with a solution until they completely heal. Another may be looking to upgrade with a cosmetic denture. Pricing and costs will vary depending on each individual’s case. We recommend you coming into one of our clinic for a complimentary consultation to determine your denture needs.

Health Fund Rebates on Dentures

If you have dental cover on your private health fund then you should discuss with your fund the rebate on your treatment. This will avoid any nasty cost surprises when claiming on your new dentures.

In order to obtain an accurate out of pocket cost, you will need a quotation from the clinic which will allow us to easily provide a pricing cost for each item.