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Do Dentures Stain Like Normal Teeth?

By: | Tags: | January 8th, 2019

New dentures give you a smile to be proud of; white and glossy, a real Hollywood smile. It helps that they look like natural teeth so you can flaunt them to your heart’s content. However, as you wear them for a while, you may realise that the white is no longer as vibrant. This is because dentures stain like normal teeth. They begin by first appearing dull and if care is not taken, over time, they could develop white or brownish colours.

Fortunately for you, it is not the end when your dentures stain. Denture stains can be removed by your dentist or denture technician. However, before delving into that, here are three foods and drinks that you should avoid because they can cause your dentures to stain:

Coffee, Red Wine and Acidic Beverages

If you drink coffee regularly, it is ideal to rinse your mouth with water after drinking. The dark pigments – chromogens – usually stick to the surface of your teeth. Over time, they cause the enamel to darken. This is not a reaction restricted to coffee alone. Red wine can also stain teeth. It is recommended that you sip water intermittently to reduce the staining effects of wine.

Surprisingly, white wine can also work to stain your dentures The acidity in the wine works to soften the enamel making you prone to staining from other foods and drinks. Black tea is another substance rich with staining tannins. Adding milk helps to reduce the effect of those tannins. Carbonated soft drinks are not very safe either because they contain acids and pigments that also stain teeth. Ideally, for the sake of your dental health, you consume these drinks in moderation.

Sauces, Vinegar, and Curries

Like with white wine, foods like pasta sauce affect the colour of your teeth because of their acidity. Additionally, you can get denture stains when the pasta clings to your teeth. To get around this, fill up on vegetables like spinach and broccoli before eating your pasta dish. They create a protective layer on your teeth counteracting the staining effect the sauce.

Curries, on the other hand, have a deep pigmentation that yellows teeth with time. You can get around this by minimising your intake. Alternatively, mix the curry with fresh vegetables like carrots and cauliflower to reduce the effects. Vinegar is healthy, but like curry, it can darken your teeth. The dark colours, like in balsamic vinegar are not easy to brush away. If you are not careful with your denture cleaning, they will stain your teeth. You would be wise to pair these salad dressings with crunchy vegetables as they help clean the vinegar from your teeth.

Berries and Other Heavily Pigmented Fruits

Berries have lots of health benefits but they can also stain your dentures. They have a deep hue, like in blackberries and blueberries which can cause staining. It does not matter whether you eat them whole or you drink their juices, they can potentially necessitate denture cleaning. Do not let them linger in the mouth for long. You can also drink water to combat the staining effect. For other fruits, especially if they are acidic, a glass of milk would help to neutralise the acid.

In an ideal world, caring for your dentures as recommended above would mean you never need denture stain cleaning. However, you will still notice stains over time. If you are not satisfied with the way your dentures look, what then? A denture technician can help.

Professional cleaning only takes a few minutes and the denture stains are lessened. After the cleaning, your dentures will be left looking new. The recommended frequency for such cleaning is twice every year. However, sometimes your dental technician may advise otherwise.

If you do not like how your dentures look, contact the team at Aesthetic Dentures today to see how we can get your dentures back looking their best.