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Aesthetic Dentures - sports-mouthguards

The mouthguard kids love to wear.

As a parent, the thought of seeing your child with their teeth knocked out will no doubt send a shudder down your spine. More so if it could have been prevented. Protecting teeth against the danger of knocks and bumps during sport is essential, for both adults and children.

Sporting accidents strike without warning and replacing or repairing teeth is expensive and inconvenient. Wearing a mouthguard is a simple yet invaluable way to protect teeth from the very real threat of accidental, life-altering damage.

The old style over-the-counter ‘boil and bite’ mouthguard is inadequate and provides very little if any, benefit. They are ill fitting, do not provide adequate protection and are not recommended by the ADA and Standards Australia. Kids and adults alike don’t enjoy wearing an uncomfortable mouthguard that can also cause gagging. They often spend more time in the hand than the mouth.

Technological advances have come a long way and now there is a better and affordable solution.

At Aesthetic Denture Clinic, we make custom moulded mouthguards for maximum impact protection. They fit perfectly over each tooth, do not move in the mouth and still allow you to breathe and speak with ease. Our skilled dental prosthetist will fit and manufacture your mouthguard in our onsite laboratory. You can trust in a quality product that is 100% manufactured in Australia.

They come in a range of colours and designs so you can match your mouthguard to your sporting team, or just express your individualism. It’ll come with a protective case to keep it safe and we can put your contact details on the inside of your mouthguard in case it ever gets left behind. Our custom made moulded mouthguards won’t just give you peace of mind – your kids will want to wear them.

We offer a range of choices to suit your sport

Light laminated mouthguard – for young children up to the age of 12

Light laminated mouthguard – for young children up to the age of 12Light laminated mouthguard

  • AFL
  • Rugby
  • Karate
  • Hockey

Double laminated mouthguardDouble laminated mouthguard

  • AFL
  • Karate
  • Field Hockey
  • Judo / Wrestling
  • Motocross
  • Softball / Baseball

How to care for your mouthguard

  • Wash only with soap, in warm water
  • Don’t leave in the sun or near excessive heat
  • Make sure you have it checked for fit each year
  • replace it every 2-3 years (children under 15 usually require a new mouthguard each year)

Triple/Heavy laminated mouthguardTriple/Heavy laminated mouthguard

  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby League
  • Kick Boxing
  • Boxing

Are you interested in Sports Mouthguards?
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Don’t risk injury and expense, when a comfortably fitting, custom moulded protective mouthguard is the safest solution. They’re affordable too.

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