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My Smile Plan – Smile Now Pay Later

By: | Tags: | November 6th, 2018

It does not matter whether you had planned for the medical procedure or it was an emergency; you can easily end up owing the healthcare provider substantially. Sometimes you do not have the cash you need ready at hand when you get the bill, what then? When it comes to Aesthetic Dentures, many people hesitate to get their procedure done because they are afraid they might not be able to afford it. While the fear is legit, it does not have to be the case.

My Smile Plan is a program that allows you to get dental payment plans at no interest. You can use the plan for cosmetic, specialist or orthodontic care. The idea is to make dentistry accessible to all people. With the plan, you can have the dental treatment that you need, any time that you need it without ever having to pay interest. This makes the program much better than any loan could ever be.

The program breaks down the cost of your treatment into easy payments that you can make every fortnight. Based on your preference and the value of your plan, you can pay for your Aesthetic Dentures needs over three, nine or even fifteen months.

My Smile Plan offers three types of plans divided by value. You can pay for a $500 procedure over three months, $2000 over nine months and $9000 over 15 months. Dental services that are covered within the program range from general to specialist services and you can apply within less than two minutes.

How do you benefit from the plan?

Zero interests and zero hidden charges

If you have ever tried to get a loan, you are familiar with the different interest fees that come attached. The interests make it expensive to get a loan which you went for because you did not have the cash at hand, in the first place. With My Smile Plan, you will not pay more than the necessary amount for a dental treatment procedure.

Even when you default a payment for some reason such as an expired credit card, the late payment fee is minimal. It is included in the next deduction. The plan is transparent so that there are no hidden fees. The credit card processing fees and the default payment fees are stated upfront so that you know what you are getting into.

You get to pay in manageable periods

In joining the program to finance your Aesthetic Denture procedure, you can pay over spread time periods. This allows you to plan your finances and to make payments without injuring your budget. Besides, if you like, you can make additional payments to clear off the balance fast.

A cover of up to $9 000

Dental procedures often range from $1 000 to $7 000, depending on type and place. This cover makes it possible to consider any procedure you like up to $9 000 in costs.

An easy application process

As soon as you consult with your dentist and find out that they accept the plan, you can begin the application process. All you need to provide is a credit card, a photo ID and your contact details. Since the program is not tested against your income, you will not need to provide any pay slips. This also makes it easy for people of all ages and income ranges to apply.

How Aesthetic Dentures can help

Aesthetic Dentures provide removable and fixed replacements for teeth that are missing. They look like your natural teeth and can either be partial or complete. These dentures enhance your smile. They help you to perform activities such as speaking and chewing. If you find yourself in need of dentures, you might want to consider the My Smile Plan. To learn more about My Smile Plan, contact the team at Aesthetic Dentures.