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What You Should Do If You Chip or Break Your Dentures

By: | Tags: | August 21st, 2018

Life can be a struggle if you have to go through it without teeth. Tooth loss can make chewing or speaking very difficult. As a result, the person with tooth loss experiences a lower life quality. Fortunately, for the willing patient, dentures can provide the kind of relief they need. They enable victims of tooth loss to speak clearly and to eat foods they would otherwise avoid.

Recent research shows a connection between tooth loss and malnutrition and the connection stems from the fact that some foods are just difficult to consume with missing teeth. With dentures, one no longer needs to avoid proteins and vegetables. Besides the fact that missing teeth prevent the consumption of some foods, they also affect nutrition in another way. The food that one eats gets in the stomach is not well broken down. Consequently, the body has a difficult time extracting the nutrients it requires.

A third benefit that people take for granted is improved self-esteem. When you lose teeth, your face loses some support. You can begin to look older than you are, with a sunken face. People also feel embarrassed smiling with missing teeth.  Even though dentures solve a lot of problems, they create some struggles. For example, they can stop fitting properly or slip in the mouth. Most of these issues come alongside denture breakage.

How dentures chip or break

Incorrect fit

Sometimes dentures chip because they do not fit into the mouth properly. In fact, sometimes incorrect fit can cause them to break altogether. As a rule of thumb, be sure to maintain or replace your dentures regularly to accommodate for the changes in your facial structure.

Wear and tear

Sometimes dentures simply break because they have reached their limit. Remember that no replacement will be stronger than your teeth. Whether you pick metal, acrylic, or a combination of the two, they will deteriorate with time and constant handling. Talking and chewing, together with the moist environment can cause denture breakage.


Some people get a chipped denture from cleaning. While some dentures may be susceptible to staining, it is important to be gentle with your oral hygiene. In fact, if the dentures are stained, it means they are prone to cracking.

What to do when your dentures crack/break

There is a lot of advice online suggesting the use of commercial glues on your chipped denture. This is a bad idea. The wisest thing you can do is to wait until you get to your dentist. In most cases, the damage is barely prominent and so your confidence can handle it on your way to the clinic. Keep in mind that any attempts you might make to repair the denture will be reversed in the office and consequently compound your expenses. In fact, some home repairs may even worsen the damage necessitating the need for a replacement instead.

A dental technician will be able to help you with any repairs required. You will likely have to answer questions to help the dental technician know the age of your denture and the fit. If the denture has been fixed before, the technician will also want to know.  All these factors will play to the ease of repair although the most important one is the extent of the breakage.

A cracked denture may be easier to repair by bonding than a broken one. However, the dental technician might advise a replacement if the denture breakage has compromised its strength. As a pro tip, proper care for your dentures will prolong their lifetime. Always clean the dentures over a soft surface so that if you drop them by mistake, they do not chip or break.

How Aesthetic Dentures can help

At Aesthetic Dentures, you get a service that incorporates the latest technology in the industry and the best professionals to serve you. Every member of the team comes with the hope to give every patient the kind of care they deserve. Here, you will get your dentures fixed or replaced if that is the best option for you. Therefore, if your dentures break or chip, contact Aesthetic Dentures today to see how we can help fix your dentures.